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Dr Singh
Down in United Kingdom - 126 days ago
posted: 19/01/17

OK this site is utter rubbish tbh - It SAYS the site is up - Until you come here then says it just went down and has green bars previous like it was up - When it is blatantly obvious that the site is dead and has been for weeks making this site a waste of space as we KNOW it is down ALL the time and not just conveniently when we look here

Down in United Kingdom - 127 days ago
posted: 18/01/17

Anyone know any forums or facebook groups where we can all discuss this? Or even create a facebook group to help each other find alternatives? Keep commenting guys 👍

Down in United Kingdom - 129 days ago
posted: 15/01/17

I am finding it hard to believe this site - At the top you say the site has been UP at certain times - Yet it has been DEAD as a doornail for weeks now

Down in United States - 132 days ago
posted: 12/01/17


Down in United Kingdom - 133 days ago
posted: 12/01/17

Down for me since early hours of 2nd January, been using it for 3 years and I'm absolutely gutted

Down in United Kingdom - 135 days ago
posted: 09/01/17

Will someone somewhere PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE Tell us will we ever be able to get back to or .ti - any day any time somehow somewhere - We are here waiting and watching this page daily and we do not know WHO we can ask and HOW to find out TRUE INFORMATION - We LOVE Videobull and we desssssssperately want it backkkkkkkk

Down in United States - 136 days ago
posted: 08/01/17

Why is videobull down,about q week now?

Down in United Kingdom - 139 days ago
posted: 06/01/17

This site is great but - It woudl be nice to know if and when videobull will ever return - Pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell us when it may return - And wher to find it - I am BEREFT without my beloved shows - thank You

Down in United States - 140 days ago
posted: 05/01/17

Noooo what am i gonna do i need back up!! all the shows i watch are on there please come back!! or atleast let us know whats going on

Pls Dont Be Down For Long
Down in United States - 141 days ago
posted: 04/01/17

OMG I am freaking out right now.... is not only down but when you google it, nothing even comes up...I hope they did not get shut down

Down - 142 days ago
posted: 03/01/17

Your site is down and has been for hours. Please fix it.

Down in United States - 986 days ago
posted: 12/09/14

Saya URL is not found.

Down in United States - 1017 days ago
posted: 11/08/14

Last night it said it couldn't pull up a live feed for the site, showed a cached version, and to click the 'green button' to refresh, etc... NOW today it says internet explorer cannot display webpage.

Down in United Kingdom - 1017 days ago
posted: 11/08/14

All I get is https://:2083/ and I'm in the UK. videobull come back, all is forgiven.

Disruption in United States - 1037 days ago
posted: 22/07/14

Google keeps bringing up the Malware Ahead warning.

Down in Canada - 1038 days ago
posted: 22/07/14

Red malware screen popping up with, a site known to distribute malware msg.

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