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Down in Indonesia - 21 hours ago
posted: 25/05/17


Santa Claus
Down in Philippines - 18 days ago
posted: 08/05/17

Won't load

Raven Lord
Down - 22 days ago
posted: 04/05/17

The owner took the site down. Fans are recovering the DB and have a bare bones backup here:

Down in Australia - 22 days ago
posted: 04/05/17

Http:// is down

Down In The U.S.
Down in United States - 23 days ago
posted: 03/05/17

Anyone know what's up?

Down in Korea Republic of - 23 days ago
posted: 03/05/17

Website down Xb

Down in United States - 24 days ago
posted: 02/05/17


Down in Japan - 480 days ago
posted: 01/02/16

Down jp

Disruption in Hong Kong - 610 days ago
posted: 24/09/15

1. Main page appeared abnormal. 2. Can't search, 3. Can't download.

Down in Hong Kong - 613 days ago
posted: 21/09/15

I dont know why i cant use

Disruption in Singapore - 985 days ago
posted: 14/09/14

New server takes time to restore all the files. All is not lost.

Disruption in Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC) - 986 days ago
posted: 14/09/14

Torrent changed to magnet directly. cannot open the torrent as torrent.

Down in Lithuania - 986 days ago
posted: 13/09/14

Its not working at all.

Down in Japan - 987 days ago
posted: 12/09/14

?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? biz??????????????.

Down in United States - 990 days ago
posted: 10/09/14

Can't connect with website now.

Down in Japan - 990 days ago
posted: 09/09/14

Of course, is fake.

Comment from Japan - 990 days ago
posted: 09/09/14 is up now.

Down in Japan - 990 days ago
posted: 09/09/14


Down in Japan - 990 days ago
posted: 09/09/14


Down in Viet Nam - 990 days ago
posted: 09/09/14

The administator of this site sucks so bad this site down for 2 times and they do nothing about it.

Down in Indonesia - 991 days ago
posted: 08/09/14

Down again? Gawddammit.

Disruption in Japan - 996 days ago
posted: 03/09/14


Comment from Hong Kong - 998 days ago
posted: 02/09/14

I Think, Site is attack DDOS.

Down in United States - 998 days ago
posted: 01/09/14

Good alternative for JAVs. If you can't figure out the Japanese use chrome's auto-translate:

Down in Malaysia - 999 days ago
posted: 01/09/14

Any alternative to this server i want to read news from japan.

Down in Viet Nam - 999 days ago
posted: 01/09/14

Does anyone know about any other site for downloading JAV ???

Down in United Kingdom - 999 days ago
posted: 31/08/14

Come on... Whats happening? It seems to be down again for me. Last night it was down too....

Down in Korea Republic of - 1000 days ago
posted: 31/08/14


Comment from Malaysia - 1000 days ago
posted: 30/08/14

Aarrrghhh i need to download porn now.

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