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Q: What to do if problem is at server?

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Disruption in India - 3 days ago
posted: 17/03/19

My sayat isn't opening it says 430 forbidden

Down in Philippines - 4 days ago
posted: 17/03/19

403 forbidden

Disruption in India - 41 days ago
posted: 07/02/19

I'm not able to open mine and others sayat link. IDK if it's happening to only me

Down in India - 120 days ago
posted: 20/11/18

Customer care service them Sayat me says that it can't open cause they suspended use of the site while they figure out the use of maintenance

Down in United Kingdom - 121 days ago
posted: 19/11/18

I can’t open my sayatme account. Please help Sanshaaaa/

Sanandha Sajen
Down in United Kingdom - 136 days ago
posted: 04/11/18

"We have suspended use of our site while we carry out planned maintenance."

Bhavna Tilani
Down - 597 days ago
posted: 31/07/17

My profile is not opening since morning

Down in Israel - 597 days ago
posted: 31/07/17

Is not working

Down - 619 days ago
posted: 09/07/17

Sayat me says that it can't open cause they suspended use of the site while they figure out the use of maintenance

Lottie H
Down in United Kingdom - 644 days ago
posted: 14/06/17

Omgggmgmg when i was in singapore a couple days ago it was working and all my other friends were working but now im in the uk and its not working!!! im so annoyed cause i keep gettin emails saying i have new feedback and i desperately want to see them but it keeps saying they are closed for planned maintenance. i dont know how long it has been like this. i have also tried blocking my location and using vpn but it also does not work

Thomas-Jacob Connolly
Down in United Kingdom - 648 days ago
posted: 10/06/17

It says they are closed for planned maintenance but they have been down for weeks and I am worried they are never coming back! :/ Also you're using the old Captcha, whoever owns this website, you should upgrade to the one I use on my website also you don't have a valid SSL certificate unlike my website which means your users are at risk!!!

Down in United Kingdom - 668 days ago
posted: 21/05/17

Why isn't ur system working for me . It comes written sorry we r closed for maintenance reasons and please fix this and I'm serious coz it's working for everyone else

Down in United Kingdom - 669 days ago
posted: 20/05/17

My sayat site says its down for maintainence i've been trying to access it so many times

Down in United Kingdom - 671 days ago
posted: 18/05/17

Say "we are temporarily close for maintance reasons". But my friend can use it, why

Down in United Kingdom - 672 days ago
posted: 17/05/17

It say "we are temporarily close for maintance reasons". But my friend can use it, is it only me?

Rickson Gonsalves
Disruption in India - 681 days ago
posted: 08/05/17

I entered a wrong birthday day. It displaced a message saying that "you are small to use" and now I am not able to access my account how can you help me?

Down in India - 695 days ago
posted: 24/04/17

Down down down

Prashant Dahiya
Down - 696 days ago
posted: 23/04/17

Not working

Down - 696 days ago
posted: 23/04/17

Not working page says apologies the site is having issues

Down in United Kingdom - 696 days ago
posted: 23/04/17

Its saying it is temporarily closed

Becky Harper
Down in United Kingdom - 696 days ago
posted: 23/04/17

I click on the link to check my sayat and it says "we are temporarily closed for maintenance reasons" it's been like this since I got it.

Maya Abu Qalbain
Down in United States - 697 days ago
posted: 23/04/17

It wont open, it just says "site is under maintenance"

Down in United Kingdom - 697 days ago
posted: 22/04/17

Down for maintenance

Down in Qatar - 710 days ago
posted: 09/04/17

I cannot get this site it is blocked

Lekshmi G Shaji
Down in United States - 711 days ago
posted: 08/04/17 is down only for me

Bhakti Vaishnav
Disruption in United States - 713 days ago
posted: 06/04/17

I can't do reply to sender

Comment from India - 716 days ago
posted: 03/04/17

Nw i can't comment on anyone's feed i cnt gv dem feedback n y i opend my its just blank

Mihir Jain
Down - 721 days ago
posted: 29/03/17

The site fails to load

Disruption in Qatar - 722 days ago
posted: 28/03/17

When i open sayatme, it shows the site is blocked. how can i get rid of this. regards

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