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Down in United States - 6 days ago
posted: 04/12/18

App launches and waits for guide to load, but never does. iPhone, web browser on computer same result. No mention on outage on social media.

Down in United States - 6 days ago
posted: 04/12/18

Goes to the guide screen but displays no guide and then disappears. Using Roku box. All other channels on Roku work fine except Pluto. Never had this problem before. Tried restarting to no effect.

Linda Wurst
Down in United States - 7 days ago
posted: 04/12/18

It will not come in. I checked every source it is downloaded on. Nothing is coming in on any of phone, laptop nor tv. My internet speed is okay and I restarted my modem as well.

Disruption in United States - 20 days ago
posted: 20/11/18

I try to watch movies on my phone and the message that keeps popping up is system or network setting need to be checked. what or how can I get the

Comment from United States - 45 days ago
posted: 26/10/18

I installed Pluto on my Android box and cannot access the channel list and can only change channels by clicking the mouse and using the temporary arrows that show on the right of the screen. Only able to change channel by channel.

Down - 45 days ago
posted: 26/10/18 not responding. Only shows blank page.

Disruption in United States - 46 days ago
posted: 25/10/18

Pluto TV is up - video/audio OK . . . website cannot activate a new connection nor allows you to log into your account.

Down in United States - 746 days ago
posted: 24/11/16

Won't load shoutfactory, so no MST3K Turkey Day for me. First Pluto was downgraded from a planet, now is downgraded to being a viable way to watch tv/videos.

Down in United States - 746 days ago
posted: 24/11/16

Ugh, mst3k Turkey Day and it's not working.

Down in Canada - 1114 days ago
posted: 22/11/15

Worked great for 1 day. Hasn't worked at all since. Will not load, no image or sound. Just the yellow spinning TV icon.

Comment from United States - 1125 days ago
posted: 11/11/15

Keeps loading. No sound, no picture...Yellow, round TV icon keeps spinning round and round and will not load.
Down in United States - 1166 days ago
posted: 02/10/15

Pluto won't work at all. I have a smart tv.

Down in United States - 1166 days ago
posted: 02/10/15

It won't load and has not for days

Down in United States - 1399 days ago
posted: 11/02/15 stops or strugles to keep the stream going and will stop functioning on the amazon fire stick. But when I test on my PC I am unable to complete the loading of the channels.

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