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Down in United Kingdom - 66 days ago
posted: 15/01/19

Now in its fourth day of server failure. I am beginning to loose faith in this company, having invested in security system, camaras and switches to the tune of £450 plus. Silly me !!!!!

Comment from United Kingdom - 67 days ago
posted: 14/01/19

How very disappointing. Server down for three days. In this day and age you would have thought this should have been fixed a long time ago!!! Cannot inspire confidence in the company

Mr L
Down in United Kingdom - 67 days ago
posted: 14/01/19

I’ve decided to BIN all my Orvibo smart sockets and replace them with TECKIN mini smart sockets from Amazon which are magnificent compared to Orvibo, Orvibo server is complete Rubbish, customer service is complete Rubbish and security camera changed to Ezviz also from Amazon . Good riddance to ORVIBO....R I P

Down in United Kingdom - 68 days ago
posted: 13/01/19

Sockets and sensors down all weekend so far

Down in United Kingdom - 68 days ago
posted: 13/01/19

Piece of sh*t server trying to switch orvibo sockets server down yet again with no joy going to China garden for a beef in black bean hope they don’t f^ck that up again too

Great Dane
Down in United Kingdom - 68 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

Very depressing. Down all day. Alarms, camera, switches, sensors - NOTHING working all day

Down in United Kingdom - 68 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

Not impressed....just purchased Orvibo camera...will be sending kit back

Down in United Kingdom - 68 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

Server down all day

Down in United Kingdom - 69 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

Server is down

Chris Price
Down in United Kingdom - 172 days ago
posted: 01/10/18

I have 7 Orvibo plugs and they do not work when the server is down. apparently they have to talk to the server to work.

Down in United Kingdom - 223 days ago
posted: 11/08/18


Down in United Kingdom - 223 days ago
posted: 11/08/18


Down in United Kingdom - 223 days ago
posted: 11/08/18

No remote control

Down in United Kingdom - 480 days ago
posted: 27/11/17

I have seven Orvibo B25 plugs connected to my Wi-Fi and then through to the Echo plus. Apparently the plugs will not work unless they are talking to the Orvibo server. Crazy ! When the server is down (as it is now) nothing works !

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