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Judi Inglis
Down in Australia - 188 days ago
posted: 14/11/18

Litlift has been down for 3 weeks ad I cannot access my writing on the site.

Down in Hong Kong - 636 days ago
posted: 24/08/17

I can't go to the site??? I spent so long on those stories, and its the best site i could find!

Down - 636 days ago
posted: 24/08/17

Is anyone else unable to even find the site?

Down in Canada - 676 days ago
posted: 14/07/17

Litlift please, come on, open your site one more time to get me and others access to our work.

Down in Canada - 685 days ago
posted: 06/07/17

Seriously, I have several stories on litlift that I would really like to get. What is going on? They could have at least warned us; sent an email or something.

Down in United States - 689 days ago
posted: 02/07/17

Been down for months, longer than ever before.... All my work is gone and I feel like suing their asses. No warning even?!?

Down in United States - 713 days ago
posted: 07/06/17

I haven't been able to log in in months. I need my work.

Down in Canada - 713 days ago
posted: 07/06/17

Litlift thanks for the advanced warning, I could have prepared myself by saving my work, now it seems it is all lost.

Ruka Jaganshi
Down in Hungary - 717 days ago
posted: 03/06/17

Litlift, you piece of 'doo, Leaving us - without a 'boo' - In the deepest bronzy goo, Hope the rabies get you too-

Down in Canada - 722 days ago
posted: 29/05/17

Many are in the same boat as I am. Could some one please give us a explanation what is going on??????? Almost three weeks now, sitting idle.

Down in Finland - 723 days ago
posted: 28/05/17

I really really really need to get my important stuff from there. This is really frustrating as I cannot do anything with my story if they do not sort this out soon.

Down in United Kingdom - 724 days ago
posted: 27/05/17

I also have work on there that I need to get at, really need them to sort this out asap. I've emailed and tweeted but not heard anything back, very disappointing.

Down in Canada - 726 days ago
posted: 25/05/17

All suggestion failed. I am desperate to get going. Hours and hours pages and pages I hope it still accessible and not lost.

Down in United States - 728 days ago
posted: 24/05/17

We had this issue back in March but it was back up in a couple of days. This time it's been more than a week. This is so disappointing. I've sent Facebook messages and emails but it looks like no one has updated any LitLift social media since 2014! So disappointing. :(

S. Acosta
Down - 734 days ago
posted: 17/05/17

Has anyone been able to get ahold of any server administrator to ask when it will be up again??

Jon Petersen
Down in United States - 736 days ago
posted: 15/05/17

Been down with dns error for a week now

Down in United States - 738 days ago
posted: 13/05/17

Myla007 im back I fogot to tell u I can be contacked at I sill hate the captcha text)

Down in United States - 738 days ago
posted: 13/05/17

I needs to WORK on my book but......I CANT DO DAT IF THE WEBSITE keeps saying this SUPER ANOYING MESSEGE"this page cant be dipayed" today I was supposed too work on it but instead I spent pracerty the whole day cilking reload only to get the same STUPIED MESSOGE!Anger aside,plz hurry up and fix da issue.(also wat with the captcha text its annoying im NOT a robot yesh)

Mark Church
Down in United Kingdom - 739 days ago
posted: 13/05/17

Dns still, totally pissed off now as my book is on there and it's imperative that I get off off there as it is needed by asap publisher otherwise they will be seeking legal action against me

Mark Church
Down in United Kingdom - 740 days ago
posted: 12/05/17

Dns error still, need this up and running please, very unhappy

Jon Petersen
Down in United States - 740 days ago
posted: 11/05/17

Get dns unavailable error for several days, on multiple devices and both at home and work.

Mark Church
Down in United Kingdom - 741 days ago
posted: 10/05/17


Down in United States - 743 days ago
posted: 08/05/17

Getting a DNS error when I try to login

Down in Canada - 744 days ago
posted: 07/05/17

Getting a DNS error when I try and get to the page.

Down in Hungary - 744 days ago
posted: 07/05/17

Dns not working

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