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Q: What to do if problem is at fzmovies.net server?

If fzmovies.net is actually down then you can resolve the issue by doing following:

  1. Wait for the site going up again.

  2. Post an inquiry at its forum, twitter or Facebook Page.

  3. Search here for an alternative.

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Complaints and Comments

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Down in United States - 15 days ago
posted: 04/08/19

When I click on the movie I want it proceeds to the next page with the movie title and info and NO download button to click on.

Disruption - 16 days ago
posted: 04/08/19

Movies can't load. No data base

Disruption in United States - 16 days ago
posted: 03/08/19

No database error is displayed cant download since yesterday.

Disruption in Nigeria - 16 days ago
posted: 03/08/19

Good day Fzmovies! Am trying to download a movie "SAW" To be presided but am getting an error message saying no database found but the movie keeps popping on your site but am unable to download it I also tried other few movies like AVENGERS ENDGAME it also shows me an error message please get this working

Abdul Waseem
Disruption in United States - 54 days ago
posted: 26/06/19

Its not open and working

Disruption in Pakistan - 61 days ago
posted: 19/06/19

When i download movie to my device it either start playing online

Chukwu Nnenna
Down in Nigeria - 96 days ago
posted: 15/05/19

I really love your value-added content here. Please allow me to expand more on this your article Speaking about one of the best platforms on the internet to download and watch the latest and TV series. Fzmovies is the best Internet site perhaps one depends on online site to download films and TV series free of any type while having to go through the stress of making an account and additionally wasting of time. read more updates here on How to Download Latest 2019 Movies

Disruption in Nigeria - 109 days ago
posted: 03/05/19

After openin a movie,i can't load(ie if I click on a movie,it doesn't respond)

Disruption in United Kingdom - 126 days ago
posted: 15/04/19

Can go on fz movies site but there's a connection problem

John Macklain
Down - 158 days ago
posted: 14/03/19

When I try to enter into the website it keeps on telling me 503 error what is that really u guys have to fix that pretty quick please

Down in United States - 190 days ago
posted: 10/02/19

I cant load

Daniel Meliga
Disruption in Nigeria - 197 days ago
posted: 04/02/19

I can't open fzmovies.net

Down - 203 days ago
posted: 28/01/19

I can't download movies from fzmovies, I think the server is down

Joy Chika
Down - 218 days ago
posted: 14/01/19

Unable to access site

Disruption in United States - 219 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

Fzmovies page is not woeking

Down in United States - 219 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

I love fzmovies and fzseries but its not working today I don't know the reason but I hope it will be fix

Jay Blaq
Disruption in United States - 223 days ago
posted: 08/01/19

Web page unable to load

Down in Philippines - 249 days ago
posted: 14/12/18

Cannot access the site

Down in South Africa - 413 days ago
posted: 02/07/18

Is the site down cant access it today

Disruption in United Kingdom - 715 days ago
posted: 03/09/17

Really not liking the issue that the site is not allowing me to view movies or download them

Down in Nigeria - 990 days ago
posted: 02/12/16

Site not loading

Disruption in India - 1321 days ago
posted: 06/01/16

The server at fzmovies.net can't be found because the DNS look-up failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Internet from accessing the network.

Qasim Hussain
Down in United Kingdom - 1606 days ago
posted: 27/03/15

Its low the numbers of the download speed is 1 and 0

Down in United States - 1806 days ago
posted: 09/09/14

I m unable to dnld movies from this site.

Disruption in India - 1815 days ago
posted: 30/08/14

No download.

Disruption in Pakistan - 1879 days ago
posted: 27/06/14

When i opening this site it shows me 500 error please must manage my problem

Anindo Chatterjee
Disruption in India - 1925 days ago
posted: 12/05/14


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