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Down in United States - 16 days ago
posted: 01/02/19

Site is down.

Down in United States - 27 days ago
posted: 21/01/19

Site is down

Down in United Kingdom - 31 days ago
posted: 16/01/19

Cant get the site up

Down - 33 days ago
posted: 14/01/19

Showing err_ connection refused

Down - 33 days ago
posted: 14/01/19

Not connecting . showing err_connection refused

Down in United States - 40 days ago
posted: 08/01/19

Down for me error code 522 U.S.

Disruption in United States - 46 days ago
posted: 01/01/19

Won't login using registered account or Anonymous!

Down in United States - 60 days ago
posted: 19/12/18

Why does this site say its up? It's been down for 24 hrs, look at the comments about it worldwide.

Down in United Kingdom - 60 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

Keep getting Error 522 message message and cant log into chatstep for past 24 hours

Comment from Germany - 60 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

Wann funktioniert chatstep wieder? When does chatstep work again?

Disruption in United States - 60 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

522 error code and webpage never opens, can't log in

Down in Indonesia - 61 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

Can’t open chatstep, when it would be fixed?

Down in United States - 61 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

Are you down for good?

Comment from India - 61 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

522 errorm apear wen enter the site when it vl b fixed

Down in India - 125 days ago
posted: 15/10/18

Is there any maintenance issue going on in chat step it's not opening for a day

Down in United States - 125 days ago
posted: 15/10/18

Only get cannot fetch error

Down in Indonesia - 125 days ago
posted: 14/10/18

I can’t login to Chatstep

Down in India - 125 days ago
posted: 14/10/18

Chatstep is down at all

Eric Dickinson
Comment from United Kingdom - 125 days ago
posted: 14/10/18

Cant get on chatstep at all

Disruption in India - 254 days ago
posted: 08/06/18

Rooms not being displayed on desktops

Disruption in India - 254 days ago
posted: 08/06/18

The Rooms are not being displayed.

Disruption in United States - 381 days ago
posted: 01/02/18

I can't type messages in the chatstep application when I pull it up through the internet on my iphone

Down in India - 385 days ago
posted: 28/01/18

Site not start

Down in United States - 386 days ago
posted: 27/01/18

Get error 440 evry time i try to log in

Disruption in United Kingdom - 386 days ago
posted: 26/01/18

Error 440 all the time - anyone found a resolution?

Disruption in Sweden - 401 days ago
posted: 11/01/18

Get error 440 evry time i try to log in, anyone know how to fix it? thx!

Disruption in Russian Federation - 404 days ago
posted: 09/01/18

Error 440 when logging in

Down in United Kingdom - 406 days ago
posted: 07/01/18

Error code 440 on login or entering a room

Down in United States - 407 days ago
posted: 06/01/18

Getting an Error 440

Disruption in United States - 421 days ago
posted: 23/12/17

Error 440

Mario Nuiten
Down in Netherlands - 433 days ago
posted: 11/12/17

Since last version of chatstep I have a continious problem of getting into the chatroom. All the time I get an error 440.

Disruption in Sweden - 435 days ago
posted: 08/12/17

Error 440 and not just from US, also from answer from devs...

Down in United States - 437 days ago
posted: 07/12/17

Error code 440. emailed the devs and no response, they dont even care.

Down in United States - 437 days ago
posted: 07/12/17

Error code 440

Down in United States - 437 days ago
posted: 06/12/17

Every time I try to log in I get error 440. been that way all week

Disruption in United States - 442 days ago
posted: 01/12/17

Since going to the new version I have had 3 accounts banned for no reason. If you make a mistake signing in you get an error 440. This leads to a banned account.

Down in United States - 443 days ago
posted: 01/12/17

When ever I try to go into the site, the screen is blank except for the logo and it says join, help and settings. when I click on settings, the group name disappears. its like everything froze because I cant see were I write my messages and what other people have texted.

Disruption in India - 448 days ago
posted: 25/11/17

NOt entering inside after log in button clicked.

Down in United States - 453 days ago
posted: 20/11/17

Will not connect at all. takes too long

Down in United States - 462 days ago
posted: 11/11/17

Can not log on after I Google

Down in Canada - 483 days ago
posted: 22/10/17

Keeps saying cant fetch whats up with this

Down in United States - 486 days ago
posted: 18/10/17

Every time i try to log in it says "failed to fetch"

Down in United States - 569 days ago
posted: 28/07/17

502 bad gateway

Comment from United Kingdom - 569 days ago
posted: 28/07/17

Saying 502 bad gateway. anyone else having this problem?

Down in United Kingdom - 569 days ago
posted: 28/07/17

Bad gateway

Down in Australia - 708 days ago
posted: 11/03/17

My computer is telling it's taking too long to get to the site. I haven't been able to get onto it for days

Down in United Kingdom - 713 days ago
posted: 06/03/17

Page wont load at all

Down in United Kingdom - 723 days ago
posted: 23/02/17

I can't connect to and I don't know why. This has never happened to me before, what's the problem?

DC Wornock
Down in United States - 1078 days ago
posted: 05/03/16

The connection has timed out I wonder if the problem is because I uploaded a photo and inadvertently clicked report rather than open. Nothing inapproprate with the photo--A college girl in a knee length dress approprate for school, work, or church as everything was covered except hands, wrist, neck and head.

Down in India - 1278 days ago
posted: 19/08/15

Not able to access and i have 502 bad error.

Disruption in United Kingdom - 1285 days ago
posted: 11/08/15

I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway message :\

Ray Phillips
Disruption in United States - 1287 days ago
posted: 09/08/15

502 Bad Gateway Message appears

Down in United States - 1519 days ago
posted: 20/12/14

Chatstep is working on PC but when I enter on my kindle, it suddenly started saying: "If you continue to load, it will reveal info" It never done this before. It used to work just fine

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