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Down in United States - 8 days ago
posted: 14/01/20

The app just keeps loading

Down in Belgium - 307 days ago
posted: 21/03/19

Browser works CloudWare works Host doesn't

Down in Romania - 1149 days ago
posted: 29/11/16

I just can't access to the site

Down in Netherlands - 1150 days ago
posted: 28/11/16

Site is down.

Down in Greece - 1152 days ago
posted: 26/11/16

Site is down??

Down in United States - 1247 days ago
posted: 23/08/16

Site is down again and no one is giving any information as to what is going on. Their facebook page is dead, it's like they never use it. It looks like the site has been down for days, maybe the DMC got them

Down in Sweden - 1347 days ago
posted: 16/05/16

Down in sweden!

Down in Latvia - 1462 days ago
posted: 21/01/16

Down in Latvua, please fix it,

Down in United States - 1489 days ago
posted: 25/12/15

Down in america

Down in Australia - 1489 days ago
posted: 25/12/15

Down in Australia please FIX!!

Down in Poland - 1669 days ago
posted: 28/06/15

Down in poland

Down in Poland - 1848 days ago
posted: 31/12/14

Down in Poland pealse fix it

I Love Anime
Down in Malaysia - 1848 days ago
posted: 31/12/14

I cant access to

Down in United States - 1849 days ago
posted: 30/12/14

Itzwho AKA Staff is the worse Moderator ever. He never pays attention to chat and takes things completely out of context, is really abusive towards others, deletes millions more messages than he should (to cover up his crappy behavior), and is just a BULLY in general. If you don't believe me, look at all the complaints against him made in just the last few months. I bet some people got fed up with him, and they attacked the server.

Down in United Kingdom - 1868 days ago
posted: 11/12/14

When I open the site an ad opens up and I cant get into the site

Down in Canada - 1880 days ago
posted: 29/11/14

When i try and go to the website it shows advertisements and doesn't let me go to the site

Disruption in United States - 1880 days ago
posted: 29/11/14

I'm having the same problems, Kc

Disruption in United States - 1881 days ago
posted: 28/11/14

The site keeps giving me advertisements i cant get out of

Down in Malaysia - 1982 days ago
posted: 19/08/14

The google company had banned the page!!Help No anime no life!!!!

Nima Tsering Khampa
Disruption in India - 2004 days ago
posted: 29/07/14

I m noy able to open the site it hangs forwhile and then automatically closes.

Nims Tsering Khampa
Down in India - 2004 days ago
posted: 29/07/14

I m not able to access the site it automatically hangs and then disappeares.

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