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Q: What to do if problem is at server?

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Jason Litterton
Down in United Kingdom - 1114 days ago
posted: 25/11/16

Can't access the website

Bobby Chabot
Down in United States - 1674 days ago
posted: 14/05/15

Not connecting to server

Tristan Fessler
Down in United States - 1848 days ago
posted: 22/11/14

God dam it ADF.LF! Learn to be a service provider!!!

Down in United States - 1848 days ago
posted: 22/11/14

Hackerforever a text web mmorpg game really's on for there captcha ads and these constant down times are making it impossible to play! I think needs to go back to school before relaunching their servers damn amateur's! They shouldn't even be in business!

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    Soheila Ghahri
    We have three GLBox and all three are becoming very very slow. Many chanalles are down
    Joan Carlson
    Ooma phone has been offline two days in a row. Today we cannot get online on several sites. Message is "This site can't be re...
    Tom Mosley
    Can't log in...can't look at NFL lines
    We are not able to see the videos
    I can't connect with the website. This problem happen on late November till now I can't connect to it. It keep showing error....
    Предложил 2 поездки после этого даже просмотреть поездки не могу.пиш...
    Site not responsive when login is hit nothing happens
    Cannot log on at all when I hit the login tab it flashes but does nothing
    Agree with below-- once you progress to '' the site frequently just spins and spins-- sometimes it works, so...